Shooting: Cuba wins big at American Shooting Championships

One quota to the 11 out of the 15 shooting events (men’s rapid fire pistol, men’s double trap, women’s trap and women’s skeet did not offer quotas) were available at the 2014 America Shooting Championships held from October 11th to October 20th 2014. This was the first out of two continental qualification events for the Americas, the other being the 2015 Pan American Games.

The big winner from this tournament ended up being Cuba whom won 5 out of the 11 spots available by winning gold in men’s 50m rifle 3 positions, men’s 50m rifle prone, men’s 50m pistol, women’s 50m rifle 3 positions and women’s 10m air rifle. The United States, considered to be the strongest nation in this sport in the Americas had a relatively disappointing performance, but was still able to win 3 quotas in men’s 10m air rifle, men’s 10m air pistol and men’s skeet. The other quotas went to Dominican Republic (men’s trap), Ecuador (women’s 25m pistol) and El Salvador (women’s 10m air pistol).

Unsurprisingly with only 5 total quotas between this tournament and the world championships the United States will be massive favourites to win many quotas at the 2015 Pan American Games. Of course between now and then there will be a number of shooting world cup events which will offer quotas for certain events. If the United States can win some there they may not completely shut out other nations from the continent from competing at the Olympics.

Quotas by Nation

  • Cuba – 5
  • United States – 3
  • Dominican Republic – 1
  • Ecuador – 1
  • El Salvador – 1



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