Boxing: AIBA Pro Boxing Champions Crowned

As Olympic boxing slowly steps away from being strictly an amateur sport AIBA has created a pro boxing competition where athletes can turn professional yet still remain eligible for the Olympics. The champion of each weight class along with the first challenger at the end of the first cycle in 2015 will qualify to the Olympics. While the challengers will not be known until later this year the first 10 champions of each weight were decided at various locations from January 23rd to February 19th 2015.

With three world champions (Flyweight, Light Welterweight and Heavyweight) Russia is well represented, Turkey is second with two (Welterweight and Middleweight) while China (Light Flyweight), France (Bantamweight), Germany (Super Heavyweight), Iran (Light Heavyweight) and Kazakhstan (Lightweight) all have a single champion.

Also to note are the boxers ranked second to fifth in each category because those are the only boxers that are able to become the first challenger by the end of the first cycle in 2015. Overall I find the AIBA Pro Boxing circuit to be a bit confusing, but that may have been because this was the first season. Now with a proper ladder of champion to lowest ranked challenger things should become a bit easier to understand.

Quotas by Nation

  • Russia – 3
  • Turkey – 2
  • China – 1
  • France – 1
  • Germany – 1
  • Iran – 1
  • Kazakhstan – 1



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