Equestrian: Qatar Wins 2nd leg of the 2015 Nations Cup Jumping Series

The second leg of the 2015 Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Jumping Series held from February 18th to February 21st 2015 also doubled as an Olympic qualifier for nations in the Group F region (Africa and the Middle East). The top Group F nation in the team jumping event will qualify a team to the Olympics.

Qatar took control of the competition in the first round getting only 3 penalty points; the closest rival was France with 6 penalty points while the closest Group F nation was Egypt with 10 penalty points. Qatar continued its impressive performance in the final round winning the Olympic berth and the overall competition with only 5 total penalty points. Second went to Ukraine (19 points) while Egypt finished in third (21 points). This will be the first time Qatar will have a team in jumping.

Qatar winning the team quota has all, but eliminated 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Saudi Arabia from qualifying a team. Unlike in the dressage and eventing disciplines you are not allowed to qualify a composite team as there is a limit of two individual athletes per nation in the individual qualification. The only way for Saudi Arabia to qualify a team would be if Qatar withdraws their team and then Egypt declines to take their spot.



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