Shooting: Australia, China, Italy and US all win quotas at the 2015 Shotgun World Cup

The first shotgun World Cup event of 2015 was held in Acapulco, Mexico from February 28th to March 10th 2015. In each of the five Olympic shotgun events two quotas were available for a total of 10 quotas.

In the women’s trap event the quota places were won in the semifinals when Australia’s Laetisha Scanlan finished first with a score of 14 while United States’ Corey Cogwell had to go through a shootout against Kayle Browning also from the United States in order to win the second quota place. In the final Cogwell defeated Scanlan 13-9.

For the men’s trap both Australia’s Michael Diamond and Italy’s Massimo Fabbrizi finished tied with 13 points, but it was enough to grant them a spot in the final and Olympic qualification. In the final Fabbrizi defeated Diamond 12-11.

In the men’s double trap China’s Hu Binyuan scored a perfect semifinal of 30 points to qualify to the final and an Olympic quota. The second quota had an intense shootout between two Americans where Jeffrey Holguin defeated Derek Haldeman 52-51 after both scored 29 points in the semifinal. In the final Holguin defeated Hu in a shootout 8-7 after both scored 28 points.

The women’s skeet final was an all United States affair with Kimberley Rhode defeating Caitlin Connor 15-13 in the final. However, since the United States already won a quota at the 2014 World Shooting Championships and the maximum a nation can get in one event are two quotas the second quota went to the third place finisher in this event which was Wei Meng of China whom defeated Cyprus’ Andri Eleftheriou 16-8.

While United States’ Vincent Hancock won the men’s skeet event over Italy’s Valerio Luchini 16-14 he was not given an Olympic quota because he already won a quota during the 2014 American Shooting Championships and thus the quota went to third place Riccardo Filippelli of Italy.

Overall this was a great world cup for both Italy and United States whom won three spots each. After a relative slow start the United States now has a total of 8 quotas in shooting and has already qualified the maximum quotas in men’s double trap and women’s skeet. This is good news to the other nations in the Americas because the more the United States wins at the world cup events the better chance they will have winning quotas at the 2015 Pan American Games. The same can be said about Australia and Oceania as they have reached the maximum quotas in women’s trap and with Michael Diamond winning a quota in the men’s trap the potential match-up between New Zealand, Australia’s second shooter and Fiji’s Glenn Kable is shaping up to be an interesting fight at the Oceania championships.

Quotas by Nation

  • Italy – 3
  • United States – 3
  • Australia – 2
  • China – 2



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