Handball: Angola wins African Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournament

For the sixth straight time Angola’s women’s handball team has qualified to the Olympics further cementing it as one of the best teams in Africa. The unusually small tournament which only saw four teams compete for an Olympic berth was held from March 19th to Match 21st 2015.

The format was a simple round robin where the top nation in the group qualifies to the Olympics. Angola and current African champions Tunisia both won their first two matches before meeting each other on the third and final day. Tunisia was able to take an early lead and was able to hold on to it until half-time where they led 12-10. Angola was then able to tie things up when there was a bit of a delay due to a leaky roof. Angola was able to take advantage of the stoppage and take the lead where they won 26-23. Senegal took bronze over the Democratic Republic of the Congo 25-22.

Things aren’t quite over for Tunisia as they will get one more try at one of the final qualification tournaments. Which tournament they will take part in will not be known until after the World Championships in December. Senegal could also qualify to the final qualification tournament if an Africa nation finishes in the top 2 continents at the World Championships.



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