Shooting: Italy and Europe Dominate 2nd Shotgun World Cup

After a relatively poor performance at the first shotgun World Cup Europe, led by Italy obtained all 10 of the available spots in the five shotgun events at the second World Cup event held in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates from March 19th to March 29th 2015. 2 quotas were available in each event. Italy was fantastic overall and gained 4 quotas and now has a total of 9 quotas out of a maximum 10 in shotgun events with only a second quota in the women’s trap missing.

In the women’s trap event San Marino’s Alessandra Perilli qualified to the final and won the first quota after hitting 14 targets in the semifinal. This is San Marino’s first Olympic quota and this event is considered to be that country’s best chance at winning their first Olympic medal. The other spot in the final and the second Olympic quota had to go to a shoot-out as four different shooters hit 13 targets. In the end it was Italy’s Silvana Stanco that won the shootout hitting six targets. In the final Stanco defeated Perilli with a score of 11-10.

The men’s trap had a tie to qualify for the finals with three shooters all scoring 14 hits in the semifinal. In an unusual event two different shootouts were required. The first shootout only lasted one shot as Croatia’s Josip Glasnovic was able to hit the first target, but both Czech Republic’s David Kostelecky and Turkey’s Oguzhan Tuzun missed. The second shootout also lasted one shot as it was Kostelecky who hit his target this time with Tuzun missing for the second time. Croatia and the Czech Republic won the two quotas. In the final Kostelecky defeated Glasnovic 14-12.

In the men’s double trap Italy’s Marco Innocenti scored a perfect 30 hits in the semifinal qualifying Italy’s second quota for this event. Vasily Mosin of Russia gained the second available quota by reaching the final with a score of 28. Mosin however was able to take the overall title defeating Innocenti 26-25.

The women’s skeet was an all Italian affair with the top three shooters in the semifinal being Italian. Specifically it was Diana Bacosi and Chiara Cainero reaching the final and qualifying Italy two more quotas for the Olympics. As a reminder the athletes do not qualify directly it is up to the National Olympic Committee to choose who gets to compete so Katiuscia Spada whom finished third still has a chance to compete at the Olympics. In the final Bacosi defeated Cainero 13-10.

The first quota in the men’s skeet went to Jesper Hansen of Denmark whom reached the final by scoring a perfect 16 in the semifinals. The second quota went to third place Andreas Chasikos of Cyprus because France’s Anthony Terras already obtained a quota for France during the 2014 World Championships. In the final Terras defeated Hansen 26-25.

The next shotgun World Cup will not be for another month, but it will be interesting to see what happens. With a bunch of top European shooters now qualified will we see another shift towards non-European nations outperforming European nations or will things start to equilibrate? Looking at the top performers from this World Cup Europe seems likely to take the majority of the spots, but nations like Australia, China and United States will be looking to expand their qualified quotas.

Quotas by Nation

  • Italy – 4
  • Croatia – 1
  • Cyprus – 1
  • Czech Republic – 1
  • Denmark – 1
  • Russia – 1
  • San Marino – 1



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