Synchronized Swimming: Russia Continues Dominance at European Championship

The Russian synchronized swimming team has been one of the most dominant teams in any sport as their duet have won seven out of the last eight world championships while their full team have gone a perfect eight during the same time. So it came to as no surprise when they were a class above the rest at the 2015 Synchronized Swimming European Championships held at Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands from May 8th to 10th 2015. The top ranked nation in the team event qualified in both the duet and team events while the next best nation in the duet event will qualify just a duet.

In the team event Russia maintained at least a two point lead in both the technical and free events over the rest of the field and won the event by over 5 points with a score of 190.3448. In a bit of a change that was seen at the last European championship Ukraine has broken Spain’s dominance of second place in this event and like in 2014 was able to take second with a score of 185.1510. Spain finished in third with a score of 182.4963.

The duet event went the same as the team event with Russia winning the overall title with a similar lead of over 5 points and a score of 190.9403. Since Russia already won the team event the Olympic quota went to second place Ukraine whom again defeated Spain. Ukraine’s score was 185.1921 and Spain’s score was 182.7008.

While Russia will be looking for a fifth straight gold medal in the duet and team Ukraine is now in a position to challenge for a medal in both events, but first they must qualify in the team event. The world qualification event won’t be until 2016, but should they qualify it will be the first time in Olympic history that Ukraine will compete in the team event.

Quotas by Nation

  • Russia – 2
  • Ukraine – 1



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