Shooting: United States Wins Big at Home Soil in Rifle/Pistol World Cup

The United States used home field advantage to score four more quotas in its ever increasing shooting quota. The second Rifle and Pistol World Cup was held in Fort Benning, United States from May 11th to May 19th 2015. In total 24 quotas were up for grabs across the 10 events; 3 quotas for the air pistol and air rifle events and 2 for the other six.

The men’s 10m air rifle event went down to the final two shots as both Serbia’s Milutin Stefanovic and China’s Yang Haoran were tied. With the final two shots it was Stefanovic who won with a score of 209.7, just 0.7 over Yang’s final score. Since Yang already qualified to the Olympics the other two quotas went to third place Anton Rizov of Bulgaria and fifth place Alexander Schmirl of Austria.

With a format similar to shotgun events the women’s 25m pistol had Antoaneta Boneva of Bulgaria and Mongolia’s Gundegmaa Otryad reaching the final after getting a score of 18 and 17 respectively in the semifinals. Otryad however got the better of Boneva as she easily won the final with a 7-1 score. As Otryad had already qualified to the Olympics from a previous event the second quota went to fourth place Mathilde Lamolle of France.

In the men’s 50m pistol Serbia continued its good early start to the world cup by easily winning the event with a score of 193.1. The second Olympic quota went to fourth place James Henderson of the United States as both South Korea’s Jin Jong-Oh and Vietnam’s Hoang Xuan Vinh had already qualified.

Serbia’s performance continued to shine after Andrea Arsovic won the women’s 10m air rifle with a score of 208.1 over Croatia’s Snjezana Pejcic. Since both athletes have already qualified previously they did not get one of the Olympic quotas. In fact none of the medalists were given quotas as they have all already qualified. The quotas instead went to Mongolia’s Nandinzaya Gankhuyag, United States Sarah Beard and Egypt’s Shimaa Hashad.

The men’s 50m rifle prone was won by United States’ Michael McPhail whom won his country a second quota in this event. While Norway’s Ole Kristian Bryhn finished in second he already qualified in the 3 position rifle event so the second quota went to 10m air rifle 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Gagan Narang of India whom has shown to be quite adept in the rifle as he has reached the MSQ in all three rifle events.

The women’s 10m air pistol final was a repeat showdown as the 25m pistol event between Bulgaria’s Antoaneta Boneva and Mongolia’s Gundegmaa Otryad. This time Boneva got a matter of revenge as she won the event with a score of 199.4. Since the two athletes have won quotas for the 25m pistol event the three quotas available here went to Anna Korakaki of Greece, Mexico’s Alejandra Zavala and Yu Ai-Wen of Chinese Taipei.

In the men’s 25m rapid fire pistol it was Germany’s Oliver Geis whom took the honors winning the event with a score of 33. However, since he already qualified previously the two quotas went to 2012 Olympic gold medalist Leuris Pupo of Cuba and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Christian Reitz of Germany, giving the country a maximum of two quotas in the event.

The women’s 50m rifle 3 position event turned out to be the most exciting event of the week. Despite equalling the world record during the qualification round Snjezana Pejcic of Croatia was unable to win the event as Chang Jing of China went on to set her own world record for the finals. The only thing that wasn’t exciting about the event was the Olympic qualification as six out of the eight finalists were ineligible to receive the quota. So the two quotas went to Amy Sowash of the United States and Yelizaveta Korol of Kazakhstan before the first shot was fired in the finals.

Likewise the men’s 50m rifle 3 positions had the same scenario where only two eligible shooters reached the final. They were Yuriy Yurkov of Kazakhstan and Toshikazu Yamashita of Japan. At least in this event Yurkov earned his quota as he won the event with a score of 456.3. Yamashita finished sixth.

The final event was the men’s 10m air pistol which was won by South Korea’s Jin Jong-Oh whom won his second medal of the world cup with a score of 202.0. Since he already won a quota the three quotas instead went to Joao Costa of Portugal, Oleh Olmelchuk of Ukraine and Ismail Keles of Turkey.

Despite performing well in the medal table both China and South Korea failed to win any quotas as all the athletes that perform well have previously won a quota. With many of the top shooting nations remaining idle this weekend the United States used its big haul to its advantage and has shot up to second place in terms of quotas in this sport with only China remaining ahead of it.

Quotas by Nation

  • United States – 4
  • Bulgaria – 2
  • Kazakhstan – 2
  • Serbia – 2
  • Austria – 1
  • Chinese Taipei – 1
  • Cuba – 1
  • Egypt – 1
  • France – 1
  • Germany – 1
  • Greece – 1
  • India – 1
  • Japan – 1
  • Mexico – 1
  • Mongolia – 1
  • Portugal – 1
  • Turkey – 1
  • Ukraine – 1



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