Modern Pentathlon: China and Australia Win at Asian Modern Pentathlon Championships

China has qualified the maximum quota while South Korea has qualified 3 quotas at the 2015 Asian Modern Pentathlon Championships. The event was held in Beijing, China from June 1st to 6th 2015. The Asian championship combines the best athletes from Asia and Oceania. The top 5 athletes from Asia and the top athlete from Oceania from each gender qualify to the Olympics. Unlike in some sports the spots are tied to the athlete themselves and not the nation. Should a nation qualify more than two athletes per gender then the nation will be able to choose which two of those athletes will go to the Olympics.

The women’s event was a fight between China’s Chen Qian and South Korea’s Kim Sunwoo. Sunwoo took the early lead after the fencing event, but with a great performance in the swimming and riding events Qian was able to solidify her lead over the entire field. While Sunwoo had a better time in the running/shooting event it was not enough to win as she finished with 1387 points while Qian won the event with 1402. China’s Liang Wanxia finished in third with 1367 points. The other quota spots went to Chloe Esposito of Australia, China’s Zhang Xiaonan and Japan’s Natsumi Tomonaga. However, since China has three athletes qualified one of the quotas will be eventually reallocated to Kazakhstan’s Elena Potapenko.

The men’s event had an interesting ending where Australia’s Max Esposito, brother to Sophie who qualified in the women’s event began the final event in fifth, but through some accurate shooting and timely misses from his competitors was able to move himself up to first to win the overall event with 1508 points. Second went to Jun Woongtae of South Korea while third went to Lee Donggi of South Korea. The other quota spots went to Su Haihang of China, Cao Zhongrong of China and South Korea’s Hwang Woojin. However, since South Korea has three qualified athletes one of the quotas will be eventually reallocated to Japan’s Tomoya Miguchi.

Since the Asian championships occurred before the World Cup Final should any of the qualified athletes win the World Cup then their quota place here will be reallocated to the next best ranked athlete. This is because the World Cup has priority over the continental championships.

Quotas by Nation

  • China – 4
  • South Korea – 3
  • Australia – 2
  • Japan – 2
  • Kazakhstan – 1



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