Rugby Sevens: Argentina and Colombia Win CONSUR Qualification Tournament

The first out of six continental qualification tournaments in rugby sevens was won by the Argentinian Men and Colombian Women teams where both teams booked a spot to the inaugural rugby sevens tournament at the Olympics. The CONSUR Qualification Tournament was held in Santa Fe, Argentina from June 5th to June 7th 2015.

Being the only core team in the Men’s Rugby Sevens World Series Argentina were the massive favourites to win the seven team round robin tournament. Overall Argentina dominated the field, scoring an average of 51 points a match and shutting out 5 out of their 6 opponents. While Chile was able to make Argentina sweat a bit Argentina was still able to win by a try, taking the match 17-10.

With female continental powerhouse Brazil not participating since they already were given a spot to compete at the Olympics the spot was considered wide open to the remaining 8 competing teams with Argentina and Colombia considered to be the favourites. While Argentina had a bit of a slip up against Uruguay, losing 10-14 they were still in the hunt for the Olympic spot against Colombia by the time the final match came. Argentina was able to take the early lead over Colombia and could have sealed the match, but when one of their players entered the goal zone and instead of instantly touching the ball to the ground to score a try she wanted to bring it closer to the posts so they could have an easier time to score a conversion. This gave Colombia enough time to push her out of bounds and with the restart used the possession of the ball to score their own try on route to winning the match and the Olympic spot with a score of 12-7.

All is not over for the other nations as the second and third place nations here qualified to the final Olympic qualification tournament. This means the men’s Uruguay and Chile teams along with the women’s Argentina and Venezuela teams will get one more opportunity to win an Olympic berth.

Men’s Tournament Rankings

  1. Argentina
  2. Uruguay
  3. Chile
  4. Colombia
  5. Paraguay
  6. Venezuela
  7. Peru

Women’s Tournament Rankings

  1. Colombia
  2. Argentina
  3. Venezuela
  4. Uruguay
  5. Paraguay
  6. Chile
  7. Peru
  8. Costa Rica



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