Diving: Four Nations Qualify Spots After the European Diving Championship

France, Germany, Italy and Ukraine all won quotas in diving at the 2015 European Diving Championships. The event was held in Rostock, Germany from June 9th to June 14th 2015. The winner of each individual event was given a quota place.

The women’s 10m platform had quite the drama. Laura Marino of France, winner of the preliminary round led throughout the competition until the final dive. At the time she had almost a 9 point lead over the next highest diver. However just before her final dive Iuliia Prokopchuk of Ukraine, who was sitting in fourth after four dives performed a very impressive dive and along with a 3.2 difficulty setting placed her in first with just Marino remaining. All Marino needed to do was perform an average dive to win the competition, but she was unable to do it and it cost her the title as she finished 3.90 points behind Prokopchuk. Noemi Batki of Italy finished in third.

The men’s 3m springboard event was less interesting as France’s Mattieu Rosset held the lead over everyone from the second dive onwards. Russia’s Evgenii Kuznetsov made it a bit interesting after the fifth dive when he scored a wondrous 91.00 points which placed him 13 points behind Rosset with a 3.8 difficulty dive remaining. Had he scored a similar result it would have been enough to win, but he did not and thus finished in second. Russia’s Ilia Zakharov finished in third.

The men’s 10m platform was dominated by Germany’s Martin Wolfram. He was able to hold the lead over the entire competition with only Victor Minibaev of Russia keeping any sort of pace. However a bad dive in the fifth round paired with Wolfram’s great dive ended any bid for an upset. In the end Wolfram won with a 33.60 point lead over Minibaev. To show the domination of Wolfram third place Vadim Kaptur of Belarus finished 83.75 points behind him.

The women’s 3m springboard came down to three women. Going into the final dive 3.25 points separated Russia’s Kristina Ilinykh, Italy’s Tania Cagnotto and Germany’s Tina Punzel. Punzel was the first to dive scoring 63.00 points. Ilinykh also scored 63.00 points with her final dive keeping the 3.25 point gap between the two. All that stood in Ilinykh’s way was Cagnotto whom needed a score of 65.00 to win. Instead Cagnotto saved her best dive for last and scored 81.00 points to win the event and take the final quota place.

While this event has taken place before the World Aquatics Championships the championship technically takes priority over this event. However the quotas will not be reallocated to the next best athlete in this event. Instead any extra quotas will be reallocated to the next best divers at the 2016 Diving World Cup.

Quotas by Nation

  • France – 1
  • Germany – 1
  • Italy – 1
  • Ukraine – 1



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