Modern Pentathlon: De Luca and Asadauskaite Win World Cup Final

Italy and Lithuania both won quotas in modern pentathlon at the 2015 World Cup Final. The event was held in Minsk, Belarus from June 11th to June 14th 2015. 36 of the best men and women over the past season qualified to the final event with the winner in the men’s and women’s race getting a spot to compete for their nation. Unlike in most sports Olympic quotas are given by name, not to the nation to decide later.

In the men’s race despite winning the fencing and riding portions a very poor swimming portion placed Italy’s Riccardo de Luca into third place going into the combined shooting and running event. Despite having a 21 second lead over the entire field going into the combined portion Egypt’s Amro El Geziry had a poor showing which eventually led to him finishing in fourth overall. Instead the race for the title was between de Luca and Ukraine’s Pavlo Tymoshchenko where the winner was not known until the final lap where de Luca took over the race to win the title. Kazakhstan’s Pavel Ilyashenko finished in third.

The athletes in the women’s race had their positions changed often after each event, but it was Italy’s Gloria Tocchi who held a 5 second lead going into the final event. However it was reigning Olympic champion Laura Asadauskaite which quickly caught up to Tocchi during the first lap and was able to hold the lead for the rest of the race. The fight for third place was a sprint as Australia’s Chloe Esposito was able to pass Zsofia Foldhazi of Hungary during the final lap.

Next up for modern pentathlon will be the 2015 World Championships where more athletes will be able to qualify for the Olympics.

Quotas by Nation

  • Italy – 1
  • Lithuania – 1


UIPM. Riccardo de Luca wins in Minsk. Access on June 14 2015.

UIPM. Laura Asadauskaite to defend her Olympic title. Access on June 14 2015.


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