Basketball: Serbia Wins its 1st Women’s EuroBasket Title.

Serbia won its first ever title and grabbed the all-important Olympic continental berth at the 2015 Women’s EuroBasket. For the first time the tournament was expanded to 20 teams. The tournament was hosted jointly by Hungary and Romania from June 11th to June 28th 2015. The winner of the tournament qualified to the Olympics.

The first group stage round went as expected. France, Belarus and Spain all went undefeated in the round while Russia won the other group. Sadly, but unsurprisingly both host nations did not advance to the next round.

In the second group stage it was the Czech Republic, sixth place in 2013 that fell at this round though that was more due to its tough group and upset loss to Greece with a score of 74-71. The surprise of the round went to Lithuania where 78-74 and 83-64 upset wins over Russia and Croatia respectively placed it second in its group. Going into the quarterfinals Spain remained the final undefeated team.

The quarterfinals had Spain and Belarus expectedly win albeit narrowly against Montenegro and Lithuania respectively. France vs. Russia was a match of two powerful teams where a poor second quarter ultimately cost Russia the game as France won 77-74. The upset of the round belong to Serbia where a dominating third quarter led by tournament MVP Ana Dabović gave Serbia the win over Turkey 75-63.

The semifinals were two close matches where France and Serbia defeated Spain and Belarus respectively. In the final France began the match with a dominating first quarter, but Serbia was able to answer back and took a 33-32 lead going into the half. From there Serbia was able to stay one step ahead of France as they never truly relinquished their lead. In the end they won 76-68. For the bronze medal after a bad start Spain was able to take control of the match to win with ease 74-58.

While only one team from this tournament qualifies to the Olympics teams ranked 2nd to 5th qualified to the final qualification tournament so France, Spain, Belarus and Turkey will all still have a chance to qualify to the Olympics.

Tournament Rankings

  1. Serbia
  2. France
  3. Spain
  4. Belarus
  5. Turkey
  6. Russia
  7. Montenegro
  8. Lithuania
  9. Slovakia
  10. Greece
  11. Czech Republic
  12. Croatia
  13. Latvia
  14. Sweden
  15. Italy
  16. Ukraine
  17. Hungary
  18. Poland
  19. Romania
  20. Great Britain



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