Beach Volleyball: Brazil Dominates 2015 World Championships

Brazil showed why they are one of the most powerful nations in beach volleyball by winning five out of the six medals at the 2015 Beach Volleyball World Championships. The 48 team tournament was held in the Netherlands with the finals being held at The Hague. The tournament was held from June 26th to July 5th 2015. The winners of each tournament qualify to the Olympics.

In the women’s tournament it was Brazil that led the way as three different teams reached the semifinals including 2012 Olympics bronze medalist Juliana Silva. She and her partner, Maria Antonelli were however both defeated by their compatriots Barbara Seixas and Agatha Bednarczuk 2-0. The other semi-final had Brazilians Taiana Lima and Fernanda Alves defeating Katrin Holtwick and Ilka Semmler of Germany 2-0 setting up an all-Brazilian final and locking up the Olympic quota for Brazil. In the final Seixas/Bednarczuk defeated Lima/Fernanda 2-0 while Antonelli/Silva defeated Holtwick/Semmler for bronze and the medal sweep.

In the men’s tournament only two Brazilian teams reached the semi-final meaning a medal sweep was not possible. In the first semi-final it was Netherlands’ Reinder Nummerdor and Christiaan Varenhorst whom defeated Pedro Salgado and Evandro Oliveira of Brazil 2-1 and giving the host nation something to cheer about in the finals. The other semifinals had Brazil’s 2012 Olympic silver medalist Alison Cerutti and Bruno Schmidt defeat United States Nicholas Lucena and Theo Brunner to advance to the final. The final was a close match as Nummerdor/Varenhorst won the first set 21-12, but Cerutti/Schmidt were able to recover and win the second set 21-14. The final set was so close that extra games had to be play, but in the end it was Brazil that won the set, championship and Olympic quota 22-20. The third place match was won by Salgodo/Oliveria, defeating their United States opponents 2-0.

As hosts Brazil was given one team for each gender, but by winning both tournaments they have now reached the maximum quota of two teams per gender. The next way for teams to qualify their nation is though the Olympic rankings which will decide the majority of teams that will participate.

Quotas by Nation

  • Brazil – 2


FIVB. Netherlands 2015 Results. Access on July 5 2015.


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