Modern Pentathlon: Tymoshchenko and Schoneborn Wins World Championship

Russia and Ukraine both won two quotas a piece at the 2015 World Modern Pentathlon Championships. The event was held in Berlin, Germany from June 29th to July 5th 2015. The top three athletes qualify from each event provided they have not qualified at the World Cup Final or a continental qualifier (even if the qualifier happens in the future).

A slightly different format occurred in the men’s race as the event started with the swimming portion instead of fencing. Egypt’s Amro El Geziry performance at the pool and fencing was enough to give him first after the two portions, but a terrible riding portion and a subsequent withdrawal for the combined portion ended his attempt to be crowned world championship. Instead it was China’s Han Jiahao who led going into the final portion with a six second lead over Russia’s Aleksander Lesun. Lesun was soon able to catch up to Han and was able to take the overall lead, but the most impressive run was done by Ukraine’s Pavlo Tymoshchenko. Starting the day at 31st Tymoshechenko worked his way up in the standings and despite a second place finish in the riding portion he was still far off from the lead. In a very fast running/shooting portion he was able to get within a medal position and was then able to pass Lesun during the final lap to take gold. Ukraine’s Andriy Fedechko received the bronze medal and the final Olympic spot.

Like with the men’s race the women’s race also began with the swimming portion which was won by Elodie Clouvel of France. Despite a horrendous start at swimming Germany’s 2008 Olympic gold medalist Lena Schoneborn set a world record at the fencing portion and a strong 6th place finish in the riding portion gave her a 9 second advantage going into the combined event. With the lead she was able to maintain her position and win the overall title. The fight for second was between 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Yane Marques of Brazil and Chen Qian of China where the race came down to the final 800m. In the end it was Chen that took the silver medal, but since she already won a spot at the Asian Championships the final Olympic spot went to Donata Rimsaite of Russia.

As a reminder the continental qualifiers have priority over the world championships so if an athlete qualifies through that the next best ranked athlete here will then qualify.

Quotas by Nations

  • Russia – 2
  • Ukraine – 2
  • Brazil – 1
  • Germany – 1



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