Shooting: United States Leads Medal Count at Pan American Games

The United States led the medal count with 13 medals, including 4 gold at the shooting events at the 2015 Pan American Games. 20 Olympic quotas were up for grabs among the 15 events; 1 for each along with an additional spot for the men’s 10m air rifle, men’s trap, men’s skeet, women’s 50m rifle 3 positions and women’s 10m air rifle. The quotas went to the highest ranked eligible shooter or shooters of the event. The Pan America Games are currently being held in Toronto, Canada from July 7th to July 26th 2015. The shooting events were held from July 12th to July 19th 2015.

The United States placed a higher priority in Olympic quotas over medals as they sent non-qualified athletes in events which they have not qualified the maximum quotas. The move ultimately paid off as they won the most quotas by winning a total of five (men’s 50m rifle 3 positions, men’s 10m air rifle, men’s 25m rapid fire pistol, men’s skeet and women’s 25m pistol). The United States has now reached the maximum quota in six events and has qualified at least one athlete in all events with the exception of men’s trap.

Argentina also had a great performance as they increased their Olympic quotas from zero to four (men’s trap, women’s 50m rifle 3 positions, women’s 10m air rifle and women’s skeet). Interestingly enough they accomplished this without winning a single event as the gold medalist either previously qualified or the event offered two quotas.

Two quotas went to Canada (women’s 10m air pistol and women’s trap), Peru (men’s 50m pistol, men’s trap) and Brazil (men’s 50m rifle prone, men’s 10m air pistol) though in Brazil’s case those were previously host quotas that will now be reallocated so their total still remains at 9. There was some confusion as to who won the men’s 50m pistol quota as Brazil’s Julio Almeida won gold. However, a relative poor performance in the qualification round made him miss the MQS which is a requirement to gain the quota so the quota went to bronze medalist Marko Carrillo of Peru.

A single quota went to Cuba (men’s skeet), Guatemala (men’s double trap), Mexico (women’s 10m air rifle), Puerto Rico (women’s 50m rifle 3 positions) and Venezuela (men’s 10m air rifle). Some may be disappointed with Cuba’s performance considering they are arguably considered the second strongest shooting nation behind the United States, but with most of their top shooters already qualified to the Olympics it was always going to be difficult for them to qualify any more athletes.

With its performance here the United States has pulled even with China for most quotas with 20 total. Pan American nations now have only one more chance to qualify in rifle and pistol events, at the next World Cup. Shotgun events will have an additional qualifying event at the Shotgun World Championships.

Quotas by Nation

  • United States – 5
  • Argentina – 4
  • Brazil – 2
  • Canada – 2
  • Peru – 2
  • Cuba – 1
  • Guatemala – 1
  • Mexico – 1
  • Puerto Rico – 1
  • Venezuela – 1



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