Equestrian: Ukraine Captures Lone Spot in Show Jumping

Ukraine won gold at the show jumping team event after its performance at the 2015 Summer Masters. The Summer Masters included a separate event where nations from Group C (Central and Eastern Europe) could attempt to qualify a team to the Olympics. The Summer Masters was held in Samorin, Slovakia from July 30th to August 2nd 2015, but the Olympic qualification portion was only held on August 2nd.

In total nine nations competed in the team jumping event. In the first round only Ukraine placed a respectable performance as they finished with only 6 penalties, the Czech Republic and Turkey was second and third with 19 and 22 penalty points respectively. Ukraine was a bit unfortunate in the second round, scoring 11 penalties, but with a total of 17 penalties between the two rounds they finished first with relative ease. Second went to Czech Republic with 31 penalties while Hungary finished third with 40 penalties.

Interestingly this is the only equestrian discipline that separates Group C from the rest of Europe in terms of Olympic qualification, likely due to how much relatively stronger the rest of Europe is. This was also the final opportunity for teams to qualify a spot in show jumping for teams from Group C. Individuals will still be able to qualify via the world rankings.

Athletes by Nation

  • Ukraine – 4



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