Synchronized Swimming: Russia Dominates World Aquatics Champs as Olympic Confusion Continues

Russia dominated the synchronized swimming events as they won 8 out of the 9 events at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships. Synchronized swimming is one of six disciplines to be held at the championships and for the first time a mixed gender duet was held. Olympic qualification is a bit confusing, some people think it is the continental championships for Africa, Asia and Oceania like it was in 2012, but without FINA’s confirmation it is unknown. Currently only the Australian federation has come forward to say this is a continental qualifier for Oceania, as for the other two continents it is unknown. The top team qualifies a team and duet while the highest non-qualified duet qualifies just a duet. The World Aquatics Championships are currently being held in Kazan, Russia from July 24th to August 9th 2015. The synchronized swimming events were held from July 25th to August 1st 2015.

At the World Aquatics Championships the technical and free routines are separate medal events. Russia easily won the gold medal in the technical routine with 95.7457 points while China and Japan took silver and bronze with 94.4605 and 92.4133 points respectively. As for the Oceania qualifier only two nations took part; Australia and New Zealand. Australia was able to edge New Zealand out with a score of 70.8602 while New Zealand finished with a score of 69.4142.

In the free routine the medalists were the same as Russia, China and Japan finished with 98.4667, 96.1333 and 93.9000 points respectively. Australia officially qualified to the Olympics after defeating New Zealand for a second time with a score of 75.1000 to New Zealand’s 72.5667

New Zealand would have won the duet quota by default had they participated in the duet events, but they did not. This means that the quota will be reallocated to the next best team at the synchronized swimming Olympic qualification event to be held in 2016.

Should this later be confirmed to be the African and Asian qualifier that would mean China and Egypt will have qualified a duet and team while Japan and South Africa will have qualified a duet. Hopefully we will know one way or another soon.

Quotas by Nation

  • Australia – 2



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