Boxing: 10 AIBA Pro Boxing Challengers and Olympic Spots Have Been Decided

Ten boxers, one from each weight class have qualified to the Olympics by winning the round 2 challengers fight at the 2015 AIBA Pro Boxing. The APB is the only path where professional boxers are able to qualify to the Olympics. The second round was held in different places around the world starting from July 10th and ending on July 30th 2015.

In total nine different nations qualified an athlete with Russia qualifying two; Andrey Zamkovoy in the welterweight and Artem Chebotarev in the middleweight. However because Russia has already qualified an athlete in both of those weight classes through the World Series of Boxing rankings they will have to choose which athlete will represent them at the Olympics. Should they not choose Zamkovoy or Chebotarev the next best athlete from here will qualify, specifically the opponents they just defeated; Gyula Kate of Hungary and Bogdan Juratoni of Romania in the welterweight and middleweight events respectively.

The other boxers to have qualified were Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan (light flyweight), Elias Emigdio of Mexico (flyweight), Zhang Jiawei of China (bantamweight), Hurshid Tojibaev of Uzbekistan (lightweight), Artem Harutyunyan of Germany (light welterweight), Mathieu Bauderlique of France (light heavyweight), Clemente Russo of Italy (heavyweight) and Mihai Nistor of Romania (super heavyweight)

Mathieu Bauderlique’s qualification was a bit confusing as Spas Genov of Bulgaria was initially given the quota as the match was ended early when Genov received a cut to the forehead. However, upon review it was Bauderlique that was given the quota.

The 10 challengers will meet the champions who have previously qualified to the Olympics later this year. For these athletes to be officially qualified to the Olympics they must participate in the champion title fight. Professional boxers will have one more opportunity to qualify and it will be at the APB and WSB combined qualification event to be held in 2016.

Quotas by Nation

  • Russia – 2*
  • China – 1
  • France – 1
  • Germany – 1
  • Italy – 1
  • Kazakhstan – 1
  • Mexico – 1
  • Romania – 1
  • Uzbekistan – 1

*Must choose between APB and WSB boxers


APB. AIBA Pro Boxing Results. Access on August 3 2015.


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