Shooting: 25 Nations Win Quotas at Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun World Cup Event

China led in the medal table, but it was Russia that led all nations with four quotas at the Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun World Cup. This was the final World Cup which offered Olympic quotas as a total of 34, 3 in the 10m events and 2 in the other events were up for grabs. The World Cup event was held in Gabala, Azerbaijan from August 6th to August 16th 2015.

In the women’s skeet Poland’s Aleksandra Jarmolinska equaled the world record during the qualification round by shooting a perfect 75. The performance and given everyone else that reached the final was not eligible to win a quota meant she was given one of the Olympic quotas. The second quota went to Chile’s Francisca Crovetto and while she lost a shoot-off against the United States’ Morgan Craft she will at least go home knowing she won her nation a spot to the Olympics. The gold medal went to Italy’s Katiuscia Spada whom defeated Morgan Craft in the final. The bronze medal went to Amber Hill of Great Britain.

Federico Gil of Argentina won the first Olympic quota in the men’s skeet by virtue of reaching the finals. The second quota was to be decided among five shooters who had to participate in a shoot-off to determine the final qualifier to the semifinals. It was a marathon 18 shots, but it was Austria’s Sebastian Kuntschik that outlasted Jin Di of China and the rest of the challengers as he qualified to the final. Kuntischik used the momentum to reach the finals, but it was not enough to defeat United States’ Vincent Hancock who won in a shoot-off 6-5. The bronze medal went to Italy’s Gabriele Rossetti.

Only two eligible shooters reached the final in the men’s 10m air rifle so they automatically were given the Olympic quotas. They were Petar Gorsa of Croatia and Illia Charheika of Belarus. The third quota was given to ninth place Istvan Peni of Hungary. The final was won by China’s Cao Yifei who won by 0.5 points over South Korea’s Kim Sang Do.

For the first time this World Cup the Olympic quotas in the women’s 10m air rifle needed to be decided in the final round as six eligible shooters all reached the final including three from Iran. Iran was able to grab the maximum quotas as Elaheh Ahmadi benefitted from a mistake by China’s Zhang Binbin to win gold while her compatriot, Najmeh Khedmati won the bronze medal. Fourth place Anna Zhukova of Russia took the third and final quota to the Olympics.

In the men’s 50m pistol the two Olympic quotas went to India’s Prakash Nanjappa and Spain’s Pablo Carrera as they were the only eligible shooters to reach the final. The final was dominated by China’s Mai Jiajie who at one point had a 4.8 lead over the entire field and won by 3.3 points over South Korea’s Park Daehun.

The final was needed to decide the quotas in the women’s 25m pistol as three eligible athletes scored high enough to take part. Russia’s Vitalina Batsarashkina won the first quota by reaching the final. She was however unable to win gold as China’s Zhang Jingjing defeated her 7-1. The second quota went to sixth place finisher Tsogbadrakhyn Monkhzul of Mongolia.

In the men’s double trap Germany’s Michael Goldbrunner was able to reach the semifinals by surviving a shoot-off along with Russia’s Vasily Mosin against Morocco’s Mohamed Ramah to keep himself in contention for one of the two quotas. The semifinals were quite interesting; firstly Steven Scott of Great Britain booked his spot to the final along with an Olympic quota after scoring a perfect 30. The other five shooters all scored 29 requiring a shoot-off. China’s Hu Binyuan was first eliminated, but then both Mosin and India’s Asab Mohammed were eliminated together meaning a second shoot-out was required to see which one goes to the bronze medal final. Not to be outdone both Goldbrunner and United States’ Walton Eller were eliminating at the same time as well therefore a second shoot-off was also required to decide which one goes to the gold medal match while the other one will play for bronze. Eller defeated Goldbrunner to advance to the gold medal match while Mosin defeated Mohammed to advance to the bronze medal match. This also meant Goldbrunner would be given the second quota to the Olympics. The gold medal was won by Eller as he defeated Scott 30-26. Vasily won the bronze medal by defeating Goldbrunner 30-29.

The men’s 50m rifle prone was won by Russia’s Kirill Grigoryan whom defeated United States’ Matthew Emmons by 0.9 points. The bronze medalists, Tomas Jerabek of the Czech Republic was given the first Olympic quota while the second one went to fourth place finisher Torben Grimmel of Denmark.

After the qualification round in the men’s 25m rapid fire pistol three athletes were left fighting for two Olympic spots. The fight between the three athletes went to the medal portion as compatriots Hu Haozhe and Lao Jiajie of China both won the gold and silver medals respectively and the Olympic quotas as bronze medalist Boris Artaud just barely missed out.

Three athletes were left fighting for two quota places in the women’s 50m rifle 3 positions. Poland’s Sylwia Bogacka and Switzerland’s Jasmin Michler were able to outlast Austria’s Franziska Peer to win the two quotas. The gold medal went to China’s Chen Dongqi who outscored her compatriot Yi Siling by 0.8 points. Russia’s Anna Zhukova won the bronze medal.

The quotas for the men’s 10m air pistol went to the three eligible final qualifiers; South Korea’s Kim Cheongyong, Kazakhstan’s Rashid Yunusmetov and his compatriot Vladimir Issachenko. A terrible shot in the final round cost Issachenko the gold medal as Cheongyong was able to pass him right at the end. The bronze medal went to Juraj Tuzinsky of Slovakia.

The Olympic quotas for the men’s 50m rifle 3 positions went to Russia’s Fedor Vlasov and India’s Chain Singh by virtue of their appearance in the final. The event was won by China’s Hui Zicheng whom defeated Austria’s Alexander Schmirl by 1.9 points. Zhu Qinan of China won the bronze medal.

A couple of former Olympic medalists picked up their spots in the women’s 10m air pistol. By virtue of their final appearance 1996 gold medalist Olga Kuznetsova of Russia and 2012 silver medalist Celine Goberville of France both qualified to the Olympics. The third quota went to 11th place finisher Pim-On Klaisuban of Thailand. Zorana Arunovic of Serbia won the event by scoring 1.3 higher in the final round than Lin Yuemei of China. Tien Chia Chen of Chinese Taipei took the bronze.

Five Olympic eligible shooters reached the semifinals of the women’s trap. A bit of controversy occurred in the semi-final as Russia’s Elena Tkach was disqualified due to having an overweight cartridge. Japan’s Yukie Nakayama and Chinese Taipei’s Lin Yi-Chun not only qualified to the finals, but secured the two Olympic quotas. In the final Nakayama defeated Lin 14-12 while United States’ Corey Cogdell required a shoot-off to defeat Italy’s Jessica Rossi 5-4 after they tied 12-12.

The men’s trap required a 12 person shoot-off to determine the final two spots to reach the semifinals. In the end it was 2012 Olympic gold medalist Croatia’s Giovanni Cernogoraz and France’s Herve Boivin that survived the huge gauntlet. By winning the shoot-off Cernogoraz was able to use the momentum to reach the final and grab the first Olympic quota. The second quota went to Erdinic Kebapci of Turkey by virtue of reaching the bronze medal match. The gold medal was won by Russia’s Alexey Alipov as he defeated Cernogoraz 15-14. The bronze medal went to Erminio Frasca of Italy as he defeated Kebapci 13-12.

For Pan American nations this was the last opportunity to gain quotas in rifle and pistol events. For Europe it was the last opportunity to gain quotas in non-10m rifle and pistol events. Both continents will have a final chance at grabbing shotgun quotas at the World Shotgun Championships. Overall China leads all nations with 22 quotas with the United States and Russia following with 20 and 19 quotas respectively.

Quotas by Nation

  • Russia – 4
  • China – 2
  • Croatia – 2
  • India – 2
  • Iran – 2
  • Kazakhstan – 2
  • Poland – 2
  • Argentina – 1
  • Austria – 1
  • Belarus – 1
  • Chile – 1
  • Chinese Taipei – 1
  • Czech Republic – 1
  • Denmark – 1
  • France – 1
  • Germany – 1
  • Great Britain – 1
  • Hungary – 1
  • Japan – 1
  • Mongolia – 1
  • South Korea – 1
  • Spain – 1
  • Switzerland – 1
  • Thailand – 1
  • Turkey – 1



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