Basketball: Australia Sweeps Oceania Championships

Australia swept the Olympic quotas in basketball at the 2015 FIBA Oceania Championships. Since only Australia and New Zealand signed up to participate a two game series was held in each nation for both genders where the team with the highest aggregate score was declared Oceania champion. Only the winner of each gender was given a quota to the Olympics. The Oceania Championship was held in Melbourne, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand for the men and Melbourne, Australia and Tauranga, New Zealand for the women from August 15th to August 18th 2015.

In the women’s tournament Australia placed a lot of pressure on New Zealand as they took a 15-5 lead after the first quarter. While New Zealand was able to recover from the initial pressure they weren’t able to make any significant gains into Australia’s lead as Australia won 61-41. In the second leg New Zealand started off a lot better as they went into the second quarter tied 14-14. Australia however did just enough over the next three quarters to win the match 80-63. Overall Australia won the tournament and a spot at the Olympics with an aggregate 141-104.

New Zealand’s men started the first leg with a promising 16-12 lead over Australia after the first quarter, but a dominating second quarter left Australia with a 34-26 lead. New Zealand was able to come back a bit in the third, but a strong finish by Australia gave them a 71-59 win. In the second leg Australia started off strong, but struggled to extend their lead. In the third Australia sat comfortably with a 66-53 lead. New Zealand attempted to come back, but Australia was able to hold on for the 89-79 win. Overall Australia was able to win the tournament and an Olympic spot with an aggregate of 160-138.

New Zealand’s men and women will have a second chance to qualify to the Olympics at the final qualification tournament to be held in 2016.

Men’s Tournament Rankings

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand

Women’s Tournament Rankings

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand



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