Modern Pentathlon: Egypt Wins Both Races at African Championships

Egypt swept the medals in both the men’s and women’s race showing that they still control modern pentathlon at the 2015 African Modern Pentathlon Championships. The winner of each race would qualify themselves and their nation to the Olympics. The African championships were held in Cairo, Egypt from August 21st to August 22nd 2015.

In the men’s race it was Egypt’s Amro El Geziry that won the fencing and swimming portions of the event and while he had a relative weak performance in the jumping portion he was still in the lead going into the combination portion. However, El Geziry’s Olympic bid was disrupted by his compatriot Eslam Hamad who passed him mid-way during the final portion to win the overall title and the Olympic quota. To complete the sweep third place went to Omar El Geziry of Egypt.

The women’s race had Aya Medany of Egypt take the overall lead with a strong performance in the first three portions. The combined event however had third place Haydy Morsy of Egypt pass both Medany and her compatriot Reem Yakout to win the gold medal and the Olympic quota.

Egypt had always been the dominant nation in Africa, but they will be looking to try to translate some of that success into world success. All is not over for the other athletes as they could still qualify through the 2016 world championships or through the world rankings.

Quotas by Nation

  • Egypt – 2



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