Modern Pentathlon: Ten Nations Qualify at European Championships

Ireland and Lithuania won gold at the individual events at the 2015 European Modern Pentathlon Championships. The top 8 not already qualified athletes from each gender will be given spots to compete at the Olympics. The European championships were held in Bath, Great Britain from August 18th to August 23rd 2015.

In the men’s event it was Great Britain’s James Cooke which took the early lead after the swimming portion with a very good time of 1:56:16. Though the lead was short lived as he finished 20th after the fencing portion, instead it was Russia’s Maksim Kustov that took the overall lead. However the lead also did not last long as an unfortunate riding portion where Kustov’s horse had a refusal dropped him into sixth place. Instead after three strong performances it was Ireland’s Arthur Lanigan-O’ Keeffe that had a 20 second lead going into the final combined portion. A strong performance by France’s Valentin Prades and Italy’s Riccardo de Luca was enough to place them into the medals, but it was not enough to catch Lanigan-O’ Keeffe as he went on to win the gold medal ahead of Prades and de Luca respectively.

Because Riccardo de Luca had already qualified to the Olympics through the World Cup Final ninth place Jan Kuf of Czech Republic was given the final quota. The other athletes that qualified to the Olympics were David Svoboda (Czech Republic), Robert Kasza (Hungary), Egor Puchkarevskiy (Russia), Joseph Choong (Great Britain) and Valentin Belaud (France).

In the women’s race it was France’s Elodie Clouvel who took the lead by winning both the swimming and fencing portions. Even a relatively poor performance in the riding portion where she finished 19th was not enough to prevent her from having the overall lead going into the combined portion. However a terrible performance in the final portion opened up the possibility of her getting caught. It was Lithuania’s Laura Asadauskaite that went from 11th place to passing Clouvel right at the end to win the overall title. Germany’s Lena Schoneborn won the bronze medal.

Since Asadauskaite had already qualified to the Olympics through the World Cup Final ninth place Alice Sotero of Italy was given the final quota. Also since continental championships have higher priority than the 2015 world championships Schoneborn’s quota from the world championships has been reallocated to Sarolta Kovacs of Hungary. The remaining Olympic quotas went to Gulnaz Gubaydullina (Russia), Oktawia Nowacka (Poland), Janine Kohlmann (Germany), Anastasiya Spas (Ukraine) and Kate French (Great Britain).

With the end of the continental championships most of the spots have now been filled. The remaining spots will be filled by the 2016 World Championships and the world rankings due to be published just before the Olympics.

Quotas by Nation

  • France – 3
  • Czech Republic – 2
  • Germany – 2
  • Great Britain – 2
  • Russia – 2
  • Hungary – 1
  • Ireland – 1
  • Italy – 1
  • Poland – 1
  • Ukraine – 1



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