Gymnastics: Russia Wins Double Gold in All-Around Events at World Rhythmic Championships

Russia and Eastern Europe were the stars of the 2015 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships as their athletes were among the top performers. The top 15 individual all-around athletes and the top 10, with a minimum of 3 continents group all-around teams qualified to the Olympics. The World Championships were held in Stuttgart, Germany from September 7th to September 13th 2015.

In the individual all-around it was Russia that dominated the qualification round as they occupied the top three positions as they were led by Yana Kudryavtseva. Sadly only two athletes per nation were permitted to enter the final round which meant third place finisher, Aleksandra Soldatova would be excluded. In the final Kudryavtseva was again the star as she won her third title in a row with a score of 75.632. Her compatriot Margarita Mamun finished second with a score of 74.766 while Melitina Staniouta of Belarus took the bronze with a score of 72.132.

The 15 Olympic quotas went to Azerbaijan, Belarus (2), Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Russia (2), Spain, Ukraine and the United States.

For this edition the group apparatuses were 5 ribbons and 6 clubs + 2 hoops. Russia was able to win its first gold medal in the event since 2007 by outscoring all opponents over the two stages, finishing with a score of 36.266. Defending champion Bulgaria had to settle for silver as the team scored 35.583. The bronze medal went to Spain who finished with a score of 34.900. Since the minimum of three qualified continents was not met in the top 10 the United States whom finished 13th will take the tenth spot leaving a tied Uzbekistan and Germany out of the Olympics for now.

The 10 teams qualified to the Olympics were Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and the United States.

For nations not qualified they will have a second opportunity to qualify at the rhythmic gymnastics Olympic test event. However, qualification for this event was based on the performance at the world championships. In brief, the top 22 unqualified nation individuals, respecting the maximum quota of 2 and the top 6 unqualified teams plus a spot for Brazil in the two events will be eligible to qualify in the test event.

Athletes by Nation

  • Belarus – 7
  • Russia – 7
  • Bulgaria – 6
  • Israel – 6
  • Japan – 6
  • Spain – 6
  • Ukraine – 6
  • United States – 6
  • China – 5
  • Italy – 5
  • Azerbaijan – 1
  • France – 1
  • Georgia – 1
  • Greece – 1
  • South Korea – 1



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