Equestrian: Germany Dominates European Eventing Championships

Germany had another dominant performance as they won gold at the 2015 Europe Eventing Championships. Only the team event will offer Olympic qualification as the top two not already qualified teams will be given a spot to compete. The European Eventing Championships was held in Blair Castle, Great Britain from September 10th to September 13th 2015.

The dressage portion lasted two days where it was Germany with then-current leader Sandra Auffarth that led over Great Britain with a score of 102.70. In terms of Olympic qualification France had a narrow lead over Sweden for the two spots with Italy and Belgium some distance behind.

There were quite a few eliminations before and during competition of the cross-country portion. In total 22 riders, including 14 which were part of a team were gone. Naturally this caused havoc within the rankings, but most of the top nations remained in play. Germany now led with 122.70, an almost insurmountable lead over Great Britain whom had 169.30. The eliminations did make the Olympic race a bit simpler as went from 7 nations to 3 as only France, Sweden and Spain had enough riders to not be given a 1000.0 point penalty. Spain still had the luxury of having all four of its riders remaining.

The luxury quickly ended as Spain’s Alberto Hermoso Farras withdrew before the show jumping portion began. Spain suffered another loss as Cristina Pinedo Sendagorta was eliminated which meant all that was needed for France and Sweden was for their three riders to not be eliminated. Knowing this both France and Sweden had less risky performances as the two nations booked their tickets to Rio. Germany won the team event with a score of 122.70. Great Britain and France completed the podium with scores of 173.30 and 183.70 respectively.

This was the final team qualifier for Europe. The only other possible way a nation could participate in the team event will be if at least three individuals qualify then they can form a composite team. Individuals can qualify through the world rankings to be finalized in 2016.

Athletes by Nation

  • France – 4
  • Sweden – 4



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