Volleyball: Argentina Wins Men’s South American Qualification Tournament

Argentina was able to book its spot to the men’s tournament by winning the South American Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournament. The four teams entered a round robin tournament where the nation with the most points was given the only Olympic spot. The South American Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in Maiquetia, Venezuela from October 9th to October 11th 2015.

Argentina was able to sweep its first opponent, Colombia as they won in straight sets. Venezuela however, despite going up 2-0 required a fifth set to defeat Chile as they won the set 15-11. The second set of matches again saw Argentina sweep Chile in straight sets while Venezuela defeated a resilient Colombia 3-1.

The final set of matches was essentially a final between Argentina and Venezuela. While Argentina was able to win the first and third sets rather easily Venezuela was up to the task by winning the second and fourth sets in a close encounter. The fifth and deciding set belong to Argentina as they defeated Venezuela 15-12 to qualify to the Olympics. Chile grabbed the bronze medal by defeating Colombia 3-2.

This will be Argentina’s fifth Olympics over the past six. For Venezuela and Chile they will have a second opportunity to qualify as they have qualified to the world qualification tournament and intercontinental qualification tournament respectively.

Tournament Rankings

  1. Argentina
  2. Venezuela
  3. Chile
  4. Colombia



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