Boxing: Cuba Wins Four Titles at Men’s World Championships

Cuba led all nations by winning four titles at the 2015 Men’s World Boxing Championships. In terms of Olympic qualification each weight class had a different number of quotas. Namely, the heavyweight and super heavyweight were given one quota for the top ranked athlete, the light flyweight, flyweight and light heavyweight were given two and the bantamweight, lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight and middleweight were given three. The Men’s World Boxing Championships were held in Doha, Qatar from October 5th to October 15th 2015.

Cuba was the most impressive nation at the championships; they were the only nation to qualify athletes in all 10 weight classes and in the end they won four titles (light flyweight, lightweight, middleweight and light heavyweight) and qualified to the Olympics in five events (flyweight). Cuba could have had another quota, but Yasniel Toledo had to withdraw from the Olympic box-off against Thailand’s Wuttichai Masuk in the light welterweight division due to injury.

Russia was the only other nation to have won multiple titles by winning the light welterweight and heavyweight divisions. They also won another quota by virtue of their silver medalist performance in the light flyweight.

History was made for Ireland and Morocco as they won their first championship title when Michael Conlan and Mohammed Rabii won the bantamweight and welterweight respectively. Ireland’s Joe Ward also qualified in the light heavyweight by finishing runner-up. The other title winners were Elvin Mamishzada of Azerbaijan (flyweight) and Tony Yoka of France (super heavyweight). Azerbaijan was also able to qualify in the lightweight division. Despite not winning any title Uzbekistan was able to secure four quotas base on their athlete’s performance (bantamweight, lightweight, light welterweight and middleweight).

Due to the three pronged qualification format in men’s boxing some nations are over the maximum qualification quota (one per event) or may even have athletes which have qualified through more than one qualification process. It is up to the nations on which quota they will use while the unused quota will be reallocated to the next best nation. Nations have until December 4th 2015 to decide which quota to use and hopefully at around that time I will update the reallocation quotas. In terms of actual qualification we will be moving to the continental qualifiers which are scheduled over the next few months into 2016.


Light Flyweight (-49kg)

  1. Cuba
  2. Russia

Flyweight (-52kg)

  1. Azerbaijan
  2. Cuba

Bantamweight (-56kg)

  1. Ireland
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. Belarus

Lightweight (-60kg)

  1. Cuba
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Uzbekistan

Light Welterweight (-64kg)

  1. Russia
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. Thailand

Welterweight (-69kg)

  1. Morocco
  2. Kazakhstan
  3. China

Middleweight (-75kg)

  1. Cuba
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. Egypt

Light Heavyweight (-81kg)

  1. Cuba
  2. Ireland

Heavyweight (-91kg)

  1. Russia

Super Heavyweight (+91kg)

  1. France

Quotas by Nation

  • Cuba – 5
  • Uzbekistan – 4
  • Russia – 3
  • Azerbaijan – 2
  • Ireland – 2
  • Belarus – 1
  • China – 1
  • Egypt – 1
  • France – 1
  • Kazakhstan – 1
  • Morocco – 1
  • Thailand – 1



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