Sailing: Four Nations Qualify After Women’s Laser Radial Champs

Denmark’s Anne-Marie Rindom was able to defeat reigning world champion Marit Bouwmeester at the 2015 Laser Radial World Championships. The top four nations not yet qualified were given spots to compete at the Olympics. The Laser Radial World Championships were held in Al Mussanah, Oman from November 20th to November 26th 2015.

In total 29 nations were eligible to qualify to the Olympics. The qualification rounds were mostly led by Rindom though she never had much of a lead and was tied with Manami Doi of Japan by the end of the sixth race. The top 50 boats were placed into the gold fleet to compete for medals and Olympic quotas. This brought the total of eligible nations to qualify for the four spots to 11.

Due to bad weather only five races were held and the match race was cancelled. By the end Rindom and Bouwmeester were tied with 40 net points, but with the tie breaker being having more top place finishings this gave Rindom the gold medal. Evi van Acker of Belgium won the bronze medal. The Olympic quotas went to eight place Japan, Australia, Turkey and Argentina whom was able to pass Spain for the final spot at the final race.

The final spots for this event will be given out at the continental qualifiers. Where the top 1 or 2 boats from each continent will be given a spot to compete.


Quotas by Nation

  • Argentina – 1
  • Australia – 1
  • Japan – 1
  • Turkey – 1



Laser International. 2015 Laser Radial Women’s Worlds Results. Access on November 26 2015.



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