Rugby Sevens: Japan’s Women Win Asian Olympic Qualifier Series

Japan’s women will compete in rugby seven’s debut at the Olympics after they won the Women’s Asian Sevens Qualifier Series. The six team round robin championships were held over two legs where the nation with the best combined ranking will be given a spot to compete at the Olympics. The first tournament was held in Hong Kong, China from November 7th to November 8th 2015 while the second tournament was held in Tokyo, Japan from November 28th to November 29th 2015.

The first tournament began with a narrow 7-5 victory of Japan over Kazakhstan. The first upset came at the hands of China as they were defeated 5-0 by Hong Kong. A 22-0 loss to Kazakhstan essentially ended China’s hopes for a final appearance, but they were able to get a consolation victory over Japan as they won the match 12-5. The final between Japan and Kazakhstan was an easier affair relative to their first match as Japan won the first leg by a score of 22-0. Hong Kong would repeat their shocking victory in the third place final as they took the bronze medal via a score of 12-7.

The second tournament went similarly as the first. Both Japan and Kazakhstan essentially booked a spot to the final by defeating China 20-7 and 14-0 respectively. In a reverse from the previous tournament China was able to defeat Hong Kong 17-7 while Kazakhstan caused a bit of an upset by defeating Japan 7-5 in the final game of the round robin. In the cup final Japan was able to put away its loss as they booked their spot to the Olympics by winning the second tournament over Kazakhstan 14-7. China repeated its round robin performance to defeat Hong Kong 19-10 for the bronze medal.

11 out of the 12 teams are now known for rugby sevens’ debut in 2016. The final spot will be decided at the final Olympic qualification tournament to be decided in 2016. Kazakhstan, China and Hong Kong will get a second chance and will compete in that tournament.


Tournament Leaderboard

  • Japan – 40
  • Kazakhstan – 36
  • China – 32
  • Hong Kong – 32
  • Sri Lanka – 22
  • Guam – 22





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