Sailing: Great Britain Retains Finn World Title

Reigning world champion Giles Scott of Great Britain was able to retain his crown at the 2015 Finn Gold Cup. In addition the top four ranked nations not yet qualified were given spots to compete at the Olympics. The Finn Gold Cup was held in Takapuna, New Zealand from November 24th to November 29th.

In total ten full races and a medal race were held over the competition. New Zealand’s Andrew Murdoch took an early lead on the first day, but a couple of poor performances quickly pushed him out of contention as Giles Scott of Great Britain took over and extended his lead. By the mid-way point he held an 18 point lead over Estonia’s Deniss Karpak and Finland’s Tapio Nirkko. Scott continued to extend his lead over the rest of the competition and was guaranteed a gold medal, even before the medal race begun as he held a 53 point lead over France’s Jonathan Lobert. Lobert would retain his second place finish while Slovenia’s Vasilij Zbogar finished with the bronze medal. The Olympic quotas went to 6th place Netherlands, 9th place Greece, Estonia and Uruguay.

This was the final opportunity for Asia to qualify as they already had their continental qualifier. As for the other continents they will have their qualifiers between now and just before the Olympics with just five more quotas remaining overall.


Quotas by Nation

  • Estonia – 1
  • Greece – 1
  • Netherlands – 1
  • Uruguay – 1




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