Athletics: 17 Events Change Their Standards

The IAAF has approved several changes to its minimum qualification standards after a meeting of the IAAF Council held on November 26th 2015. In total 17 events have had their standards amended where it is now easier to qualify to the Olympics. These changes apply to any times or distances achieved during the qualification period which mean up to over 100 new athletes have now achieved the standard.

The biggest changes were in the men’s and women’s marathon where athletes now only need to run 2:19:00 and 2:45:00 respectively. These two events alone have led to the majority of new entrants. It is also good news for nations like Cameroon, Jordan, Luxembourg and Uruguay whom have now qualified their first athletes in athletics. Despite the new changes nations are still allowed to make tougher standards in their own internal qualification.



New Standards Athletics




One thought on “Athletics: 17 Events Change Their Standards

  1. Reblogged this on Sportinkenya and commented:
    Stumbled on this blog a few months ago. Very insightful for people already looking ahead to the Rio Olympics in 2016. This particular post is about how the IAAF has lowered the qualification requirements across several track and field events in the Olympics. For Kenya’s Elite middle and distance athletes it does not make much of a difference, however for the field events, it might represent a window for less celebrated Kenyan athletes to make it to the Rio Games. (Note I reckon these are the ‘A’ standards, so their may be other ways too qualify


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