Sailing: South Africa Wins African Men’s 470 Championship

South Africa swept the medals at the 2016 African Men’s 470 Championship. The highest ranked boat from a nation not yet qualified would be given a spot to compete at the Olympics. The African Men’s 470 Championship was held in Cape Town, South Africa from January 13th to January 17th 2016.

Only two nations were eligible to qualify to the Olympics, Angola which entered two boats and Algeria which entered a single boat. South Africa also participated with seven boats. An injury to one of Algeria’s sailors caused the team to fail to finish the race and subsequently pull out of the competition. This essentially guaranteed that the quota would go to Angola.

As the competition progressed it became apparent that the race for gold came down between two South African boats; one with Sibusiso Sizatu and Alex Burger and the other with Jim Asenathi and Roger Hudson. The two boats traded the lead numerous times over the competition with Asenathi and Hudson taking a two point lead going into the match race. Asenathi and Hudson would go to clinch the gold medal over Sizatu and Burger by winning the match race. Compatriots Brevan Thompson and Alexander Ham won the bronze medal.

This was the final opportunity for athletes from Africa to qualify in the men’s 470. Currently 5 out of the 10 sailing events still remain for Olympic qualification for African athletes. Those five boats will be decided at the Princess Sofia Trophy Regatta to be held in March.


Quotas by Nations

  • Angola – 1




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