Sailing: 10 Nations Qualify Boats After World Cup Miami

Ten nations qualified at least one boat at the 2016 Miami World Cup. The event doubled as the continental qualification events for the North America/Caribbean and Central/South America continents. While other nations from other continents competed only those nations were eligible to win quotas. The highest ranked eligible boat for each continent won a quota, except for the men’s RS:X where the top two from each continent was given a spot. The Miami World Cup was held in Miami, United States from January 25th to January 30th 2016.

Canada was the biggest winner at these qualifiers as they qualified boats in six events. However, three of them; men’s Finn, women’s RS:X and women’s 470 were because Canada was the only eligible nation. The other three boats in which they qualified were men’s RS:X, men’s 470 and mixed Nacra17. In total Canada will be competing in 9 out of the 10 events.

Speaking of completing quotas the United States will compete in all 10 events after they won quotas in the men’s RS:X, men’s 49er and women’s 49erFX. The two remaining quotas in the North America/Caribbean continent went to Mexico in men’s laser and Bermuda in women’s laser radial.

Chile was the biggest winner in the Central/South America continent. In total they qualified four boats; men’s 470, women’s 470, men’s 49er and women’s 49erFX in which they were the only eligible nation competing. In total they will be competing in five events at the Olympics.

Argentina was almost able to complete its set, but missed qualifying in the women’s 470. They did qualify in the men’s Finn and women’s RS:X. Venezuela also qualified multiple quotas with boats in the men’s RS:X and men’s laser. The remaining quotas went to Colombia in men’s RS:X, Peru in women’s laser radial and Uruguay in mixed Nacra17.

In the overall event the Netherlands were the best team, winning four medals including gold in the men’s RS:X and mixed Nacra17. Brazil also won two events in the men’s laser and men’s Finn. The other gold medallists were from Belgium (women’s laser radial), China (women’s 470), Great Britain (women’s RS:X), New Zealand (women’s 49erFX), Spain (men’s 49er) and United States (men’s 470)

This was the final opportunity for nations in these two continents to qualify to the Olympics. Currently we still have all of the European continental qualifiers remaining along with some events for nations in Africa and Asia.


Boats by Nations

  • Canada – 6
  • Chile – 4
  • United States – 3
  • Argentina – 2
  • Venezuela – 2
  • Bermuda – 1
  • Colombia – 1
  • Mexico – 1
  • Peru – 1
  • Uruguay – 1




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