Canoeing: Oceania Qualifies After Sprint Qualifier

Australia swept the Olympic events at the 2016 Oceania Sprint Canoeing Championship. The highest ranked eligible boat with the exception of the men’s K4 1000m and women’s K4 500m qualified to the Olympics. There are a lot of other exceptions in canoeing which we will get into below. The Oceania Championship was held in Adelaide, Australia from February 12th to February 14th 2016.

The first major rule is that for the event to be sanctioned at least three different nations must participate. This was met in all events except in the men’s K2 1000m. Since Australia already qualified to the event at the world championship that only left New Zealand and Cook Islands to attempt to qualify. The quota will be reallocated to the next best ranked nation at the 2015 World Championship, specifically Lithuania.

Another rule is that an athlete can only qualify one spot, though that was not a problem at this championship. A nation can also only qualify 1 type of boat (K1, K2, C1) where the shorter distance will be reallocated to the next eligible nation. Also a nation can only qualify two athlete quotas in the canoe events.

For the kayak events this is relatively simple; Australia has qualified a spot in the men’s K1 200m, men’s K2 200m, women’s K1 500m and women’s K2 500m, New Zealand has qualified in the men’s K1 1000m and Samoa qualified in the women’s K1 200m.

For the canoe events things become a bit tricky. Australia must choose between the men’s C1 1000m and C2 1000m. The event which they do not choose will go to New Zealand. The Cook Islands qualified in the men’s C1 200m.

To wrap up their continental qualifiers Oceania will have their slalom qualifier over the coming weeks. Other continents will continue to have their qualifiers as we approach the Olympics.


Quotas by Nations

  • Australia – 5
  • New Zealand – 2
  • Cook Islands – 1
  • Samoa – 1




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