Volleyball: Cameroon Will Make Its Olympic Debut In Women’s Volleyball

Cameroon will be making its debut to the Olympics in women’s volleyball after they won the 2016 Women’s African Olympic Qualification Tournament. Seven teams were split into two groups where the top two from each group advanced to the semi-finals. The winner of the tournament qualified to the Olympics. The Women’s African Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in Yaoundé, Cameroon from February 12th to February 16th 2016.

Group A was topped by Kenya whom won both of its matches by a combined set score of 6-1. The match for second place between Cameroon and Tunisia began with Cameroon taking a two set lead, however Tunisia was able to win the third set 30-28 and the fourth to push the match to the distance. Cameroon would recover to win the final set 15-6 to advance to the semi-final.

Group B was dominated by Algeria and Egypt as the two teams won straight sets against both Botswana and Uganda. The match between the two began with Egypt taking the first set, but Algeria would go on to win the next three sets to win the match 3-1.

The first match between Kenya and Egypt went to the fifth set as both teams traded sets between them. Not to be outdone the fifth set had to be extended until one team won by two points. In the end it was Egypt whom won the final set 19-17 to advance to the final. The other semi-final between Algeria and Cameroon turned into a lopsided win for Cameroon as the team swept the match 3-0 to reach the final.

In the final Cameroon won the first set 25-14, but Egypt would go to take the next two sets. Cameroon would force a fifth where a strong 15-7 clinched them the title and a spot at the Olympics. Kenya won the bronze over Algeria 3-0.

This will be Cameroon’s first appearance in women’s volleyball at the Olympics. Egypt and Kenya will get one more opportunity to qualify as both teams will compete in the intercontinental tournament against Colombia and Puerto Rico for one spot.


Tournament Rankings

  1. Cameroon
  2. Egypt
  3. Kenya
  4. Algeria
  5. Botswana
  6. Tunisia
  7. Uganda




One thought on “Volleyball: Cameroon Will Make Its Olympic Debut In Women’s Volleyball

  1. Reblogged this on Sportinkenya and commented:
    Kenya’s team went out at the semifinals, in a 5 set loss to Egypt. Both them and Egypt will have one last opportunity to make it in an intercontinental tournament against Colombia and Puerto Rico for one spot.


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