Canoeing: Australia Qualified in Men’s C1 After Oceania Slalom Championship

Australia qualified a boat while Cook Islands benefited from the reallocation rule at the 2016 Oceania Canoe Slalom Championships. The highest ranked eligible nation will be given a spot to compete in the men’s K1, women’s K1 and men’s C1. While other nations were allowed to participate in the Oceania Championships only nations from the continent were eligible to qualify. The Oceania Canoe Slalom Championship was held in Penrith, Australia from January 19th to January 21st 2016.

One major rule to make a continental event legal is the fact that three eligible boats must compete. This was made impossible for the men’s K1 and women’s K1 to be eligible events since only four nations were allowed to compete at the Oceania championships (the same ones that competed at the 2015 World Championship) and Australia and New Zealand have already qualified. The reallocation process is that the highest ranked nation from that continent at the 2015 World Championships will be given a quota. This means the Cook Islands qualified in both the men’s K1 and women’s K1.

The only eligible event at this championship for Olympic qualification was the men’s C1. Australia would end up taking the spot by virtue of their semi-final appearance as both New Zealand and Fiji failed to reach that stage. Slovakia’s Matej Benus ended up winning gold at the event.

This was the final canoeing qualification event for Oceania. The remaining continents will have their qualification events over the coming weeks.


Quotas by Nations

  • Cook Islands – 2
  • Australia – 1




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