Cycling Road: Namibia On Top In Women’s Road Race

Namibia was able to win its first gold medal in the women’s road race at the 2016 African Road Cycling Continental Championship. The highest ranked eligible nation was given a spot to compete in the women’s road race event at the Olympics. The African Road Cycling Continental Championship was held in multiple cities across Morocco from February 23rd to February 26th 2016.

The women’s road race had a leading group of 20 cyclists for most of the race. South Africa’s An-Li Kachelhoffer and Mauritius’ Kimberley Le Court attempted to break away from the pack, but were soon brought back into the pack. As the race entered its final stage a small group of cyclists finally broke away from the pack leaving four cyclists with a sprint finish to the line. It was Namibia’s Vera Adrian which won the gold and a spot for her nation at the Olympics with a final time of 3:39:48. Kachelhoffer and Le Court settled for silver and bronze respectively while Ethiopia’s Tsege Beyene was left in fourth position.

While the continental championships happen earlier the World Rankings have a higher priority when it comes to qualification. It is unlikely that Namibia would qualify through the rankings, but in the event that they do the spot will be reallocated to the next best nation at this event, namely South Africa, Mauritius or Ethiopia in this order.


Quotas by Nations

  • Namibia – 1




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