Shooting: European Nations Qualify After 10m Championship

Eight nations qualified spots to the Olympics at the 2016 European 10m Shooting Championship. The top three eligible shooters in the men’s and women’s air rifle and air pistol events qualified their nations to the Olympics. The European 10m Shooting Championship was held in Gyor, Hungary from February 22nd to February 28th 2016.

The women’s 10m air rifle was won by Serbia’s Andreas Arsovic who barely qualified to the final as she finished eighth in the qualification round; finish just 0.2 ahead of ninth place. The Olympics quotas went to bronze medalist Petra Lustenberger of Switzerland, Croata’s Tanja Perec and Hungary’s Julianna Miskolczi.

The quotas for the men’s 10m air pistol were decided after the qualification round as there were only three eligible athletes remaining. Poland’s Wojciech Knapik, Georgia’s Tsotne Machavariani and Hungary’s Miklos Tatrai all qualified their nation to the Olympics. The event was won by Turkey’s Yusuf Dikec whom came from behind to defeat Spain’s Pablo Carrerra.

The women’s 10m air pistol was also decided during the qualification round as the quotas went to Hungary’s Viktoria Egri, Croatia’s Marija Marovic and Poland’s Beata Bartkow-Kwiatkowska. The event was won by Ukraine’s Olena Kostevych.

After the conclusion of the qualification round the quotas for the men’s 10m air rifle went to, Germany’s Julian Justus, Norway’s Ole Magnus Bakken and Spain’s Jorge Diaz. The event was won by Russia’s Sergey Kamenskiy.

This was the final qualification event for shooting. All that remains to be decided are the tripartite quotas for underrepresented nations and the reallocation of unused quotas given back by qualified nations.


Quotas by Nations

  • Hungary – 3
  • Croatia – 2
  • Poland – 2
  • Georgia – 1
  • Germany – 1
  • Norway – 1
  • Spain – 1
  • Switzerland – 1




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