Synchronized Swimming: Ukraine Wins Final Team Qualification Event

In total 18 nations qualified to the Olympics after the 2016 Synchronized Swimming Olympic Qualification Tournament. The top three teams at the event will qualify to the Olympics in both the team and duet events. There will also be two chances to qualify in the duets; after the first free routine the top ten eligible nations will qualify to the Olympics while the next eight eligible duets will qualify to the second free routine competition where they will compete for the final four spots. The Synchronized Swimming Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from March 2nd to March 6th 2016.

In the team event it was Ukraine whom led all nations after the technical routine finishing with a score of 92.2855. Japan was right behind with a score of 92.0997 with both nations looking like they will surely qualify. The final spot was more contentious with Italy, Canada and Spain all separated by 0.8183 points. In the free routine Japan was able to grab top spot, but it was Ukraine that won the overall event by 0.0525 with a score of 186.7855. Italy grabbed the final Olympic quota as they finished third with a score of 181.7487.

With Ukraine and Japan qualifying a team which doubles as qualifying a duet their previous duet quotas have been reallocated. Ukraine’s quota went to the highest ranked nation from the continental tournament, specifically Spain while Japan’s spot was reallocated to the next highest ranked duet from this event as there were no longer any eligible Asian nations from their continental qualifier.

The duet was led by Spain after the technical routine as they held a huge 3.2 lead over Italy. The first free routine was more or less the same as Spain won the event with a score of 181.7816. Italy finished in second with a score of 176.0000 and France finished third with a score of 172.1965.

With the first free routine finished the following nations qualified their duets to the Olympics; France, Greece, Mexico, Austria, United States, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Colombia and Israel. Meanwhile Argentina, Slovakia, Great Britain, Belarus, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Aruba qualified to the second free routine to fight for the final four quotas.

Great Britain had the best performance in the second free routine, but it was Argentina that won the event and qualified to the Olympics with the overall score of 157.5193. The other three nations which qualified to the Olympics were Great Britain, Slovakia and Belarus.

Ukraine will be making its Olympic debut in the team event. This was the final qualification event for synchronized swimming as now all of the quotas have been given out. In total 24 nations have qualified at least one athlete in the sport.


Athletes by Nations

  • Italy – 9
  • Japan – 9
  • Ukraine – 9
  • Argentina – 2
  • Austria – 2
  • Belarus – 2
  • Colombia – 2
  • Czech Republic – 2
  • France – 2
  • Great Britain – 2
  • Greece – 2
  • Israel – 2
  • Kazakhstan – 2
  • Mexico – 2
  • Slovakia – 2
  • Spain – 2
  • Switzerland – 2
  • United States – 2




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