Triathlon: South Africa Sweeps Podium at African Championship

South Africa showed its dominance at the 2016 African Triathlon Championship by sweeping the podium. The winner from each race qualified to the Olympic. The African Triathlon Championship was held in Buffalo City, South Africa on March 20th 2016.

The women’s race was a bit of an upset as Mari Rabie finished ahead of number one ranked South African Gillian Sanders. Sanders attempted to catch Rabie during the run, but was unsuccessful as she finished second with a time of 2:17:31. Rabie won the event with a time of 2:15:03. Fellow compatriot Cindy Schwulst finished with the bronze with a time of 2:20:16.

The men’s race more or less belonged to South Africa’s Henri Schoeman. He finished the swimming portion almost a minute ahead of the nearest competitor and by the end of the cycling portion he was almost two minutes ahead. Schoeman would go on to extend his lead to win with a time of 2:04:05. Compatriots Wian Sullwad and Basson Engelbrecht finished second and third respectively.

While final word will be required South Africa has a policy in which they do not accept continental quotas. Should South Africa decline the quotas it would go to the next highest ranked athlete in the world rankings. For the men this isn’t much of a problem as Schoeman is expected to qualify through the rankings regardless, but for Rabie it could have implications as she is currently sitting outside of the cut-off. There are still a lot of events to go so things could change for the better if South Africa decides to make this complicated.


Quotas by Nations

  • South Africa – 2




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