Taekwondo: 10 Nations Qualify After Asian Qualifers

Kazakhstan led all nations by qualifying three at the end of the 2016 Asian Taekwondo Olympic Qualification Tournament. The top two athletes from each event qualified their nation to the Olympics. As a reminder a nation can only attempt to qualify a maximum of two athletes per gender at this stage provided they haven’t qualified any previously. The Asian Taekwondo Olympic Qualification Tournament was held in Pasay, Philippines from April 16th to April 17th 2016.

The first day had four events. The women’s -49kg was won by Chinese Taipei’s Huang Huai-Hsuan whom defeated Kazakhstan’s Ainur Yesbergenova 3-1. In the women’s +67kg 2014 Asian Games gold medalist Sorn Seavmey of Cambodia qualified to the Olympics after defeating Tajikistan’s Mokhru Khalimoca while Philippines’ Kirstie Alora created an upset over Iran’s Akram Khodabandeh. Seavmey defeated Alora 5-0 in the finals. In the men’s -80kg it was 2015 World Championship -74kg silver medalist Nikita Rafalovich whom won the event over Chinese Taipei’s Liu Wei-Ting in a narrow 1-0 match. The men’s +80kg was won by China’s Qiao Sen whom defeated Kazakhstan’s Ruslan Zhaparov 2-0.

On the second day of events women’s -57kg 2015 World Championship bronze medalist Kimia Alizadeh of Iran booked her spot to the Olympics as she went on to win the entire event over Thailand’s Phannapa Harnsujin 3-2. In the women’s -67kg Kazakhstan’s Cansel Deniz defeated Uzbekistan’s Nigora Tursunkulova 4-1 in the final as both athletes qualified their nations. The men’s -58kg had a withdrawal in the final where Thailand’s Tawin Hanprab withdrew due to injury. He still qualifies his nation to the Olympics along with China’s Zhao Shuai. The men’s -68kg was dominated by Jordan’s Ahmad Abu-Ghaush whom won by double digits in three out of his four matches including the final where he defeated Mongolia’s Purevjavyn Temuujin 14-2.

This was the final opportunity for athletes to qualify in the sport of taekwondo. All that is remaining is for the tripartite commission to decide the final four spots. The tripartite commission invites athletes of nations which are expected to field small teams to participate in certain sports.


Quotas by Nations

  • Kazakhstan – 3
  • China – 2
  • Chinese Taipei -2
  • Thailand – 2
  • Uzbekistan – 2
  • Cambodia – 1
  • Iran – 1
  • Jordan – 1
  • Mongolia – 1
  • Philippines – 1




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