Fencing: 5 Nations Qualify After American Zonal Tournament

Five nations wrapped up qualification for fencing at the conclusion of the 2016 American Fencing Olympic Zonal Tournament. The format had a group stage used to determine seeds where a single elimination tournament followed. For individual events with a team event (men’s epee, men’s foil, women’s epee, women’s sabre) the top ranked athlete qualified to the Olympics. For individual events without a team event (men’s sabre, women’s foil) the top two athletes qualified to the Olympics. The American Fencing Olympic Zonal Tournament was held in San Jose, Costa Rica from April 15th to April 17th.

While the results have yet to be published by FIE the Olympic qualifiers have. Mexico was the big winner as they qualified in three events; Alejandra Teran in women’s epee, Nataly Michel in women’s foil and Julian Ayala in men’s sabre. Overall Mexico will be competing in five out of the six individual events plus the women’s sabre team. Also qualifying multiple athletes is Venezuela where Antonio Leal qualified in the men’s foil and Isis Gimenez qualified in the women’s foil. Also qualifying to the Olympics are Colombia’s John Rodriguez in men’s epee, Cuba’s Yoandry Galvez in men’s sabre and Dominican Republic’s Rossy Felix in women’s sabre.

This was the final opportunity for athletes to qualify in fencing. Brazil still has eight host quotas in which it can distribute to any event, provided that they do not exceed the maximum quota for a nation.


Quotas by Nations

  • Mexico – 3
  • Venezuela – 2
  • Colombia – 1
  • Cuba – 1
  • Dominican Republic – 1




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