Gymanstics: Tripartite Quotas Released

The tripartite commission has officially declared the wild card places for gymnastics. Nations with few qualified individual athletes over the past two Olympics were eligible to receive a quota. In total four spots were available, but only three of them were assigned.

The men’s individual artistic gymnastics quota was given to Monaco’s Kevin Crovetto while the women’s individual quota was given to Panama’s Isabella Amado Medrano. The women’s individual rhythmic gymnastics quota was given to Cape Verde’s Elyane Boal. The trampoline quota for an unspecified gender was not awarded, meaning the next highest ranked nation from the gymnastics test event was given the quota, specifically Kazakhstan for the men and France for the women.

This wraps up all of the quotas for gymnastics. The only other changes would be if a nation withdraws its spot in an event.


Quotas by Nations

  • Cape Verde – 1
  • France – 1
  • Kazakhstan – 1
  • Monaco – 1
  • Panama – 1




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