Table Tennis: Olympic World Rankings Published

21 nations qualified through the Table Tennis Olympic World Rankings. The Olympic World Rankings consisted of tournaments such as the World Championship, Continental Championship and other World Events. Overall the top 22 eligible athletes of each gender qualified to the Olympics in the singles events. Any athlete which qualified through the continental events were not eligible while nations can only qualify a maximum of two athletes overall. Also the athletes had to have participated in their respective continental qualifier. The cut-off for the Olympic World Ranking was on May 1st 2016.

The athletes which qualified in the men’s singles include; Fan Zhendong (China), Jun Mizutani (Japan), Chuang Chih-Yuan (Chinese Taipei), Chun Ting Wong (Hong Kong), Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus), Peng Tang (Hong Kong), Lee Sangsu (South Korea), Maharu Yoshimura (Japan), Jung Youngsik (South Korea), Andrej Gacina (Croatia), Stefan Fegerl (Austria), Simon Gauzy (France), Kristian Karlsson (Sweden), Ning Gao (Singapore), Ahmet Li (Turkey), Robert Gardos (Austria), Zengyi Wang (Poland), Yang Wang (Slovakia), Liam Pitchford (Great Britain), Jakub Dyjas (Poland), Paul Drinkhall (Great Britain) and Ovidiu Ionescu (Romania).

The athletes which qualified in the women’s singles include; Liu Shiwen (China), Kasumi Ishikawa (Japan), Ai Fukuhara (Japan), Jeon Jihee (South Korea), Seo Hyowon (South Korea), Cheng I-Ching (Chinese Taipei), Menyu Yu (Singapore), Hoi Kem Doo (Hong Kong), Ho Ching Lee (Hong Kong), Chen Szu-Yu (Chinese Taipei), Elizabeta Samara (Romania), Georgina Pota (Hungary), Tetyana Bilenko (Ukraine), Yanfei Shen (Spain), Xue Li (France), Sofia Polcanova (Austria), Jieni Shao (Portugal), Daniela Monteiro Dodean (Romania), Viktoria Pavlovich (Belarus), Katarzyna Grzybowska (Poland), Iveta Vacenovska (Czech Republic), Barbora Balazova (Slovakia).

Once the nations confirm the selection the nations which qualified to the team events will be announced. Given the potential make-up of the teams it will be quite likely that there will be reallocations of quotas to the Olympic World Rankings. We will likely see seven more athletes (six extra athlete team quotas and the host quota) qualify through the rankings for each gender.


Quotas by Nations

  • Hong Kong – 4
  • Japan – 4
  • South Korea – 4
  • Austria – 3
  • Chinese Taipei – 3
  • Poland – 3
  • Romania – 3
  • Belarus – 2
  • China – 2
  • France – 2
  • Great Britain – 2
  • Singapore – 2
  • Slovakia – 2
  • Croatia – 1
  • Czech Republic – 1
  • Hungary – 1
  • Portugal – 1
  • Spain – 1
  • Sweden – 1
  • Turkey – 1
  • Ukraine – 1




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