Beach Volleyball: Tunisia Wins Men’s African Continental Cup

Tunisia claimed the gold medal at the African Men’s Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Final. The continental features nations with two teams each facing off against each other. In total 11 teams were split into two groups where a round robin was played. The top two nations advanced to the semi-final with the winner qualifying to the Olympics. The African Men’s Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Final was held in Kelibia, Tunisia from May 3rd to May 9th 2016.

Details about the African continental cup are scarce, but Group A was topped by Tunisia whom finished with a perfect record, finishing second was Sierra Leone whom also advanced to the semi-final. Similarly Morocco topped Group B with a perfect record with Angola also advancing to the semi-final after finishing second in the group.

Both Tunisia and Morocco won their respective semi-final matches to advance to the finals. The final saw Tunisia 1 and Morocco 1 defeating their opponent’s second team setting a final match with the Olympics on the line. Tunisia 1 won the first set 26-24 while Morocco won the second set 23-21. The third a final set was yet another close affair with Tunisia winning 18-16 to qualify to the Olympics. Angola won the bronze medal with a 2-0 series win over Sierra Leone.

All is not over for Morocco and Angola as they will get a second opportunity to qualify to the Olympics through the World Continental Cup to be held in July.


Tournament Rankings

  1. Tunisia
  2. Morocco
  3. Angola
  4. Sierra Leone
  5. Rwanda
  6. Ghana
  7. Mozambique
  8. Gambia
  9. Burundi
  10. Egypt
  11. Cote d’Ivoire




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