Rowing: Asian Regatta Updated and Tripartite Announced

World Rowing has updated its qualified nation list just before the final qualification regatta which is scheduled to commence in a week and a half. First from the Asian Qualification Regatta the nations which qualified two boats from the same gender have chosen the boat which they will participate in. South Korea chose to compete in the women’s single sculls while Vietnam has chosen to compete in the women’s lightweight double sculls. The quotas have since been reallocated to Thailand and Hong Kong in the single sculls and lightweight double sculls respectively.

World Rowing has also announced their tripartite quotas. The tripartite commission chooses nations which qualified an average of less than eight athletes in individual sports over the last two Olympics. Libya and Vanuatu were given quotas to compete in the men’s single sculls while Togo was given a spot to compete in the women’s single sculls. While there has been no official word it is likely that the final women’s single sculls tripartite quota will be reallocated to the final qualification regatta.


Boats by Nations

  • Hong Kong – 1
  • Libya – 1
  • Thailand – 1
  • Togo – 1
  • Vanuatu – 1




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