Canoeing Sprint: European Nations Qualify After Sprint Continental Qualifier

Twelve nations qualified boats at the 2016 European Sprint Canoe Olympic Qualifier. The two highest ranked eligible boats in the men’s K1 200m, K1 1000m, C1 200m, C1 1000m, C2 1000m and women’s K1 200m, K1 500m along with the highest ranked eligible boat in the men’s K2 200m, K2 1000m and women’s K2 500m qualified to the Olympics. The European Sprint Canoe Olympic Qualifier was held in Duisburg, Germany from May 18th to May 19th 2016.

There are a few rules when it comes to qualifying at the continental level for sprint canoeing. First a nation can only qualify a maximum of two athlete quotas from the men’s canoe events. Should a nation qualify two boats in the same category (women’s K1, men’s K2 etc.) they are given the athlete quota in the boat with the longer distance, the other athlete quota will be reallocated to the next highest ranked boat. Finally an athlete can only qualify one athlete quota. Should they qualify in two boats the quota will be given in the largest boat (K2, C2) while the other quota will be allocated to the next highest ranked boat in the K1/C1 event.

In the men’s kayak events it was Hungary and Spain whom topped the medal events. Hungary’s Tibor Ufnagel and Bence Dombvari won the men’s K2 1000m with a time of 3:13.223 to qualify their nation to the Olympics. Dombvari would also go on to win the K1 1000m with a time of 3:35.307. However, since Dombvari has already qualified in the K2 event the quotas went to silver and bronze medalists Roman Anoshkin of Russia and Marcus Walz of Spain respectively. In the men’s K2 200m Spain’s Saul Cravitto and Cristian Toro won the event and Olympic quota with a time of 32.040. Cravitto would also win the men’s K1 200m with a time of 34.615. The Olympic quotas went to silver and bronze medalists Bence Horvath of Hungary and Manfredi Rizza of Italy respectively.

The women’s kayak events were topped by Germany and Sweden. In the women’s K2 500m Sweden’s Karin Johansson and Sofia Paldanius won the event and Olympic quota with a time of 1:45.176. The quotas for the women’s K1 500m went to Germany’s Sabrina Hering and Slovakia’s Martina Kohlova whom finished with time of 1:55.378 and 1:55.677 respectively. The women’s K1 200m was won by Germany’s Sabine Volz with a time of 41.470, but since Germany qualified in the K1 500m the two quotas were awarded to silver medalist Linnea Stensils of Sweden and fourth place finisher Francisca Laia of Portugal.

The men’s C2 1000m saw Romania’s Leonid Carp and Stephan Strat barely finishing ahead of Czech Republic’s Jaroslav Radon and Filip Dvorak, winning with a time of 3:37.639. Both nations qualified boats to the Olympics. Carp would also go on to win the C1 1000m with a time of 3:58.288, but since he already qualified the two quotas went to silver and bronze medalists Carlo Tacchici of Italy and Angel Kodinov of Bulgaria respectively. The men’s C1 200m was won by Alfonso Benavides of Spain, winning with a time of 39.245. Also qualifying to the Olympics was Georgia’s Zaza Nadiradze.

This was the final opportunity for European nations to qualify to the Olympics in sprint canoeing. Also to clarify a nation can still take part in the shorter distance/few person events, but they would have to use athletes qualified from other events.


Athlete Quotas by Nations

  • Spain – 4
  • Hungary – 3
  • Sweden – 3
  • Czech Republic – 2
  • Italy – 2
  • Romania – 2
  • Bulgaria – 1
  • Georgia – 1
  • Germany – 1
  • Portugal – 1
  • Russia – 1
  • Slovakia – 1




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