Table Tennis: Team Quotas Announced

With the singles quotas confirmed the International Table Tennis Federation has announced the team quotas for each gender. The team quotas were determined through the Olympic Team Rankings. The highest ranking nation from each of the six continents which qualified two athletes qualified their nation to the Olympics. In addition the overall top 10 nations which qualified two athletes also qualified their nation. By qualifying in a team event nations can add one more athlete to their team though the athlete can only compete in the team event. The nations can gain points towards the Olympic Team Rankings through their performance at select world and continental events. The deadline to gain points was May 1st 2016.

For the women’s teams the continental quotas went to China, Germany, United States, Brazil, Egypt and Australia. The tournament was complete with the addition of Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, North Korea, Netherlands, Romania, Poland and Austria.

The continental quotas for the men’s teams went to China, Germany, Brazil, Nigeria, United States and Australia. The tournament was complete with the addition of Japan, Hong Kong, Portugal, South Korea, France, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Chinese Taipei and Great Britain.

Nations must confirm the quotas before they become finalized. In addition there will be seven reallocated quotas to the singles for both genders due to the excess of quotas for athletes only participating in the team events and the host quota.  While it is simple to calculate where those quotas would go it is best to wait for the ITTF to officially announce them.


Quotas by Nations

  • Australia – 2
  • Austria – 2
  • Brazil – 2
  • China – 2
  • Chinese Taipei – 2
  • Germany – 2
  • Hong Kong – 2
  • Japan – 2
  • Poland – 2
  • South Korea – 2
  • United States – 2
  • Egypt – 1
  • France – 1
  • Great Britain – 1
  • Netherlands – 1
  • Nigeria – 1
  • North Korea – 1
  • Portugal – 1
  • Romania – 1
  • Singapore – 1
  • Sweden – 1




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