Sailing: Boat Reallocations Announced

World Sailing has announced the reallocation of rejected quotas. In total six boats were rejected by their federation. The highest ranked eligible boat from the 2015 World Championship is granted the reallocation quota.

New Zealand with their high standards rejected three boats; the men’s RS:X, the women’s RS:X and the women’s laser radial. In addition Australia rejected their boat in the women’s RS:X. Sweden benefited the most from the reallocation as they are now qualified in the men’s and women’s RS:X while Turkey also qualified in the women’s RS:X. The women’s laser radial was reallocated to Spain. Also rejecting quotas were Canada in the women’s 470 and Sweden in the men’s 49er. Those quotas were reallocated to Italy and Canada respectively.

All the other quotas have been confirmed by their NOCs. All that is remaining is for these six quotas to be confirmed.


Net Boat Quotas by Nations

  • Italy – 1 (1 Gain)
  • Spain – 1 (1 Gain)
  • Sweden – 1 (2 Gain, 1 Loss)
  • Turkey – 1 (1 Gain)
  • Canada – 0 (1 Gain, 1 Loss)
  • Australia – -1 (1 Loss)
  • New Zealand – -3 (3 Loss)




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