Table Tennis: Team Quotas Confirmed However Singles Quota Rejected

All nations participating in the team events in table tennis have confirmed their spot with the third athlete being announced. However there has been one rejection in the women’s singles event. Ukraine’s Margaryta Pesotska’s quota has been rejected by her NOC. The quota has been reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible athlete in the Olympic rankings, specifically Hungary’s Petra Lovas. Hungary must confirm the quota for this to be finalized.

The third team members, which only compete in the team event are as follows, for the women; Yousra Abdelrazek (Egypt), Liu Shiwen (China), Xiaona Shan (Germany), Bruna Takahashi (Brazil), Jiaqi Zheng (United States), Ziyu Zhang (Australia), Mima Ito (Japan), Yihan Zhou (Singapore), Yana Tie (Hong Kong), Yang Haeun (South Korea), Huang Yi-Hua (Chinese Taipei), Ri Mi Gyong (North Korea), Britt Eerland (Netherlands), Bernadette Szocs (Romania), Natalia Partyka (Poland) and Qiangbing Li (Austria).

For the men’s team event the third members will be; Bode Abiodun (Nigeria), Xu Xin (China), Bastian Steger (Germany), Cazuo Matsumoto (Brazil), Timothy Wang (United States), Heming Hu (Australia), Maharu Yoshimura (Japan), Kwan Kit Ho (Hong Kong), Joao Monteiro (Portugal), Yoo Saehyuk (South Korea), Tristan Flore (France), Mattias Karlsson (Sweden), Daniel Habeson (Austria), Daniel Gorak (Poland), Chiang Hung-Chieh (Chinese Taipaei) and Samuel Walker (Great Britain).




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